What's New
  • tpctip released.
  • tpcisc released.
Other Stuff
  • Works with Firefox 1.0PR
  • Requires a build with accessibility enabled (all release versions do).

tpctip is a simple extension that lets a Tablet PC SP2 track the Mozilla cursor (by way of Mozilla accessibility support). This allows the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) work correctly. If you don't have a Tablet PC with Service Pack 2, this will do nothing for you.

The source code is included in the XPI file if you want to try compiling this yourself.

tpcisc is a complex extension that tries to improve your handwriting recognition by selecting an appropriate recognition filter. For example, only valid URL's will be recognized in the address bar. A heuristic algorithm will try to select an appropriate recognition filter when none is specified. A status bar popup lets you correct the recognition filter when the heuristics are wrong. The corrected setting is then remembered for future use. HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL AND UNPROVEN!

It should be easy to globalize tpcisc if any multilingual tablet pc owners want to take that on. There is one file "core_scopes.xml" with all the english language at the top in entity definitions. This file also contains the pattern matches for deciding on a recognition filter. You can usually find this file by looking in

C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\
You can put your profile folder anywhere, but this is the default. If you want to hack core_scopes.xml to localize it or add patterns, copy it to
My Documents\My Ink\Types\core_scopes.xml.
tpcisc will look for it there first, and your hacked file won't get overwritten if you install a new version of tpcisc.

I haven't made expat (the xml parser) part of the source tree, you will need that from sourceforge in order to compile. I used Visual C++ 2003; the free toolkit should work but I haven't tried it.

The tpctip project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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